Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How To Keep Your Date Within Budget

by Match Maker

If you are a regular in the dating game, then you will probably agree to the fact that dates are an expensive affair to start with. If you are the person who ends up spending close to a hundred or two hundred bucks on every date, then it is about time you took control of the situation and focused on keeping the date within a strict budget. If you have date who is an arts enthusiast then it will be a great thing to plan your date beforehand so that nothing gets too pricey for you. Keeping the date on a budget does not necessarily mean that you have to go "Dutch" but you can really keep the fun quotient of the date up while still being within budget.
The venue of the date is very important factor to decide in the first place, you can easily go off to see an art exhibition if both of you have an inclination for the fine arts. An art exhibition provides the perfect platform for two enthusiasts to share their views and exchange their thoughts at absolutely no cost at all. You can also go on a picnic date to your Local Park with some homemade lunch and have a nice Sunday with your date. Being surrounded by nature and having a lot of fun is the primary factor that drives people to go for a date in the parks.

Another way to have a great time is to go to the local museum for the date as this will be a low cost affair with a higher entertainment value. Before deciding on the spot it is highly suggested that you ensure whether your date actually likes these places or not. If nothing else works, you can always go to your local Cineplex and catch a movie together and grab a burger after that, such a date will be light on your pocket but there are really are a lot of nice options available as well.

If both of you are sports enthusiasts then you can go on a mountain biking date and have a lot of fun together. It is important that you plan your date in a manner so that the other person does not get bored. If you are the one who has asked the other person out then make sure you pay all the way through or else it may be considered rude of you.

We live in a time of economic crisis and there is absolutely no reason why you should spend a fortune on a very first date itself. The first date should primarily be the time to know the other person well and see whether you really like them or not. The date should not be a low key affair but avoid splurging too much in order to impress a woman. She will be impressed by your personality and charm if she has to. So go out there and enjoy your date and do not forget to keep it within the budget.

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